One year ago, Jose Ayala, owner of El Pueblito Mexican Restaurant at 1721 North Penn. Avenue, decided that it was time to expand the business, and with prominent growth, they met their goals. “We have seen our business grow steadily for several years and now was the time to expand the business,” said Ayala. He said that he began sketching out his plans before contacting Leonhard Caflisch, local architect, to design a new layout for the interior and a new entrance addition area to the restaurant. “Jose applied for a variance for the entrance construction from the planning and zoning commission, which was approved by the commission and ultimately by the city commission,” said Caflisch. He added that he and Ayala drew up two to three plans before arriving at a plan that would keep the current walls in place. Because of the renovation on the interior, the restaurant has added seating for fourteen chairs. “What makes the space look larger is the way the bar opens up the room,” said Ayala. “With the short wall leading to the bar as well as the shortened hallway and the relocating of the restrooms, it gives the feeling of a much larger room,” said Caflisch. “The goal of the renovation, of the restaurant, was to provide more inside waiting area at the entrance and a more organizational use of that space. Where the counter is now provides that flow of traffic for easy entry and payment for services that they didn’t have before. The bar was another desire of Aylala. We needed to create the space for it by utilizing the space that was available. That was the driving factors, to give and take with the space, to make this all come together.” Ayala added that it would help “increase the atmosphere and the whole dining experience,” while Caflisch noted that by making these renovations, it removes some of the visual barriers, lightened the area that was dark and opened up the visual space.