The Montgomery County Sheriff's Department responded to a 911 call involving a man that had fallen from a cliff and into the Montgomery County State Lake Wednesday afternoon where he was pulled to safety by a deputy.

The man, who remains unidentified at this time, had allegedly slipped and fell "off of a cliff into the Montgomery State Lake," according to witnesses Sha'Ray and De-Jhon Britt.

The two men were fishing when they saw the man fall and immediately called 911.

"They were on the opposite side of the lake from the bluffs and started to yell and point, stating the man was under the overhanging rocks," said Montgomery County Sheriff, Robert Dierks, in a press release. 

Before deputies made contact with the men, directions of where the man fell were reportedly vague, as they began searching multiple entrances of the lake at first.

It was Deputy Phil Loveless who was able to locate the fishing tackle from his location as "other deputies were arriving along the southwest corner of the lake, where there is an area with sandstone bluffs hanging over the water."

Upon locating the fallen man, deputies threw him a rescue flotation device to him and pulled him along the ledge until they could pull him out of the water.

"He is fine, though," Dierks said yesterday, but noted that the man did sustain a minor injury when he fell in and was fatigued from attempting to swim. 

He was assessed and released at the scene by Independence EMS.

"I want to commend the men who called 911 and helped direct first responders to the man's aide," Dierks said. 

Loveless has been with the sheriff's office for two years, Dierks added, describing him as a brave deputy that reacted accordingly with their training.

The flotation device used is called a ResQ Disc, a patented device that has "saved hundreds of people from drowning" since its creation, per its website. It is used by thousands of governmental agencies in all 50 states and Canada.

"Every patrol vehicle has these flotation discs," Dierks said. 

They were purchased around three years ago for both the sheriff's office and rural fire as well. 

"We saw how necessary they are and all our deputies are trained in using these devices," he said. 

As a water emergency throwable float, ResQ is also used by police, firefighters, commercial and recreational boaters, and they are also available to the public for purchase.