Morgan Mavers (left) went 3-4 from the three-point line in Indy's 57-49 win over Labette County Tuesday night.
Morgan Mavers (left) went 3-4 from the three-point line in Indy's 57-49 win over Labette County Tuesday night.

There are so many points to make about Indy's win over the Labette County Lady Grizzlies Tuesday night that it's almost impossible to form it all into one coherent thought.

Points in the paint, three-point shooting, match-up zones, Kallie Smith's 15 second-half points, points off turnovers, all of these things played major roles in Indy's win over Labette County, but even with all of that the game can really be boiled down to this: the now No. 9 state-ranked Lady Bulldogs shot the three-ball well and defended it just as well.

When Indy lost to Labette County 57-42 January 20 the Lady Bulldogs were at a point in which the argument could have been made that they were simply not a good shooting team.

At that point in the year the Lady Bulldogs were shooting 18 percent as a team from three-point range. They had made 23 on the season and missed 103. They went 2-15 in their loss in their first match-up with Labette County.

Had Indy shot better in their match-up with the Lady Grizzlies the first time, Labette probably doesn't have as big of a lead as they do late and they aren't able to pressure like they did which is what made the game as lopsided as it appeared.

But Tuesday night in Indy's 57-49 win over the Lady Grizzlies they went 6-17 from beyond the arc, and since that loss January 20 the Lady Bulldogs have shot 28 percent as a team and brought their shooting percentage up for the year by four percent. Through Indy's first seven games they hit 23 threes. They have hit 19 in their last four.

Morgan Mavers led the way Tuesday night going 3-4 from three-point range in the game. She leads the Lady Bulldogs in three-pointers made this season with 18.

"We felt a lot more comfortable today," the sophomore point guard said after the win Tuesday night. "We felt more ready, we just prepared a lot yesterday and the day before, we were just all together, had each other's backs and just kept going."

Indy's made three-pointers were a huge part of their win Tuesday night, but it was almost as big of a deal that they limited Labette County's threes as well.

Labette did make just three threes in their win over Indy January 20, and they made just one less so it wasn't like it was a stark difference on the night, but when it's taken into account that Labette went 2-13 from three-point range this time as opposed to 3-9 it tells another story as well.

The Lady Grizzlies got down so they had to shoot threes. When they were up in the first match-up Tristan Gegg was able to get into the lane and hit some runners which were always there when they needed them.

But with the match-up zone Indy played Tuesday night they were able to keep Gegg out of the lane for most of the night. So when Labette got down this time Gegg knew her best chance of scoring was in shooting threes rather than running into three defenders in the lane.

Those threes are far lower percentage shots than the runners in the lane.

Gegg scored 31 points in the win over Indy January 20 hitting two threes along the way. She had 21 Tuesday night making two threes again. The easy shots simply were not there this time which is why Indy was able to take and hold the lead.

Indy's own three-point shooting allowed them to get a lead, their defense of Gegg in the lane and beyond the arc is what won the game.

"Our shooters have been working hard, they came in Sunday and shot some and they've been shooting extra shots and doing a great job," head coach Dale Reynolds said. "(But) we're always conscious of where (Gegg) is, and the other ones, we'll let them shoot some of those and if they get a couple then we'll have to deal with it, we really want to be conscious of where she's at.

"If she gets a couple I'm alright with that, I tell the girls that if we can hold her right around 20 points and keep the other ones for going off for 15, 16, 12 something like that we'll have a chance and we did exactly that today."