Rindy Marquez broke out of a 0-15 shooting slump by going 3-8 from three-point range Tuesday night.
Rindy Marquez broke out of a 0-15 shooting slump by going 3-8 from three-point range Tuesday night.

In sports, shooting is the one thing where the solution to the problem is to keep doing it.

In basketball, hockey and soccer, scorers are told over and over again to just keep shooting if they keep missing. The cure for their problem is simply to see a shot fall, and once that shot falls the theory is that more will follow.

But as accepted as it is for shooters to just keep shooting, mentally it's a very difficult thing to get through.

Rindy Marquez has been struggling shooting the ball this year. After hitting nearly two threes per game as a junior last season, the senior had hit all of four threes on the season heading into Indy's 11th game versus Fort Scott Tuesday night.

She had missed 15 threes in a row and had gone four full games without seeing one shot from beyond the arc fall through the net.

It was a tough thing to watch for Indy fans, but that doesn't even encompass how tough it was for the senior to go through it.

"I have been (pressing a little bit)," the Lady Bulldogs' guard said. "(Dale) Reynolds has been really talking to me about how I'm my own worst enemy of course, so I have to just pick myself up and come over it."

The toughest part to watch with all of this is that Marquez is a great shooter. Anyone that has seen her shoot knows that she can shoot.

She has a quick release and can hit shots from anywhere on the floor, so to see her struggling really can be disheartening.

But another thing with Marquez is that she is a fighter. She is constantly working to get better and doing all she can to contribute even if she's not shooting well. In their loss to Labette County Friday afternoon that was in the rebounding game.

She had three offensive rebounds in the first half and five overall and that almost solely was the reason why Indy was down just two going into the half with the Lady Grizzlies.

Against Coffeyville, Pittsburg and Parsons it was her defense, where she forced multiple turnovers at the top of the key and got Indy going in transition.

She finds a way to contribute even when she is struggling, so the moment she breaks out of those struggles makes it even more joyful to see.

She broke out of her struggles Tuesday night going 3-8 from three-point range in Indy's 36-26 win over Fort Scott.

Coming into the game she had hit four three-pointers all year long, so to see her hit those three threes in one night clearly took a weight off of her shoulders.

"I've been kind of struggling and last year I was hitting a lot, so it finally felt like I'm getting back into my routine," she said.

She credits her success that night to simply having more confidence going into the game, but when you really look at it, it simply could have had to do with her shooting more.

Now, of course, when you make more threes you're more apt to take more, but here's a simple stat, in Indy's previous four games in which Marquez went 0-14 from three-point range, she went 0-2, 0-2, 0-4 and 0-6. That's an average of a little less than four three-point attempts in a game.

In Indy's win Tuesday night she took eight, and that was after starting 1-4 from the field overall. She kept shooting and she started the day 2-4 from three-point range. 

But while her additional shooting in the game had to help it was a little bit more than that as well.

"What am I doing wrong? What's going on? And then I figured it out that my elbow was out everywhere or I would rush my shot," Marquez said. "So I had to practice a lot shooting faster and getting into my rhythm and just keep the reminder of shooting well."

Marquez led the Lady Bulldogs with 13 points Tuesday night, and despite the struggles she has had shooting this year, she is still third on the team averaging 7.2 points per game.

She has found a way to contribute and will always find a way when she is out on the court.

She fights every moment she is out on the court, and honestly, to see her break through that shooting slump Tuesday night was wonderful to see.

"I came into this game with more confidence," she said. "And that's what helped me out a lot."

Indy plays Frontenac at 6 p.m. at home tonight for homecoming.