Da'Jon Streeter scored 32 points in ICC's 95-82 win over Seward County Wednesday night.
Da'Jon Streeter scored 32 points in ICC's 95-82 win over Seward County Wednesday night.

This season for the Independence Pirates is very simple, when Da'Jon Streeter succeeds, the Pirates succeed.

Streeter finished Wednesday night's game with 32 points, his third 30-point game of the season, and the Pirates took down Seward County 95-82 to win their third game in their last four.

This season when Streeter scores 30 points the Pirates are 2-1. Their only loss came by one point to Coffeyville November 16. When Streeter scores in double figures the Pirates are 4-2 on the season.

It's simple math, when Streeter scores the Pirates have a much better chance of winning.

The problem though this year has been that there are games where Streeter has completely disappeared. 

While Streeter is second on the team in scoring at 13.6 points per game, and he has scored in double figures six times on the season and scored 20 points or more four times, in Indy's other seven games the sophomore is averaging 4.14 points per game. ICC is 3-5 in those games.

Streeter also was held out of a game against Garden City in which the Pirates lost 95-63. The 32-point loss was Indy's worst of the season by 14 points.

The sophomore has already had a volatile season. When he is on he is great, when he is off he barely shows up in the box score. It's a sensitive situation but one that Streeter met head on after ICC's game Wednesday night.

"Honestly early on it was partly my fault," he said. "Me sucking my pride up, I had to suck my pride up, listen to coach, I was being (selfish) some of the games, and that's why I sat some games, but I learned from the experience. 

"I went home for the break and I came back with a different mindset, and I hope that things are just going up from here on out."

He looked really good in ICC's win over the Saints Wednesday night. He finished the game shooting 6-8 from beyond the three-point line and 10-12 from the penalty stripe.

He finished with six rebounds along with four assists and turned the ball over just three times.

The four assists tied a season-high for Streeter, which while he can get out of control on the court sometimes, he still has been pretty consistent taking care of the ball las he has had more turnovers than assists just one time this season.

However, he has had some very rough shooting nights going 1-6, 0-2, 4-14, 2-9, 1-5 and 1-6. He has also had great shooting nights though going 12-16, 11-14 and 8-16 Wednesday night.

So how does he become more consistent night in and night out?

"Me listening to coach honestly, I've got to be more consistent," he said. "Like when I listen to coach and let the game come to me and just play my game in the offense good things happen for me."

Head coach Tony Turner has said multiple times this season that Turner could be one of the best players in the Jayhawk Conference.

He said this after the Coffeyville loss November 16, "I think Da'Jon could probably be one of the best players in this league, but he holds himself back."

Then again Wednesday night he said it again.

"Da'Jon is one of those kids that could be one of the better kids in the league, he just has to control his emotions, control and be coached, and he again, got a good chance over Christmas break to get rid of a lot of distractions and come in here locked in and ready to play."

It was clear that Streeter was ready to play against Seward County. He was shooting in rhythm early, and not taking unnecessary shots.

He did from time to time as he himself pointed out after the game, but for the most part he really was playing in the system very well, and taking the ball to the basket when shots weren't there. 

That's why he got to the free throw line so often.

"No forced shots, I'm comfortable," he said. "I'm always comfortable when I'm shooting shots, no forced shots, like I took a few forced shots tonight after I got it going, but when I don't force it and I let it come to me and my teammates create for me, and my feet are set, I'm able to attack.

"When I don't rush and I'm patient that's when it works out for me."

It worked out very well for Streeter once again Wednesday. He was the best player on the court for much of the game and he showed it with his game.

Now it's just a matter of following up that performance. November 19 Streeter scored 24 points, in his next game he had six.

December 3 he had 38 points, he followed that game up with seven. Getting a good week is pivotal to Streeter's future right now and he is more than capable of it, it's just a matter of stepping up and doing it.

"He hasn't had a good week and it's because it's always something, missing class or him just coming in here, not working hard in practice or just being on his own little island and when you come in here that way you ain't playing," Turner said. "We had a meeting yesterday and I said 'Brother you ain't had a good week since you been here, so let's try to put some weeks together, your game will get better and I'll give you the green light and let you play the game.'

"Hopefully this will be a (start), it will be interesting on Saturday to see what kind of day (he'll have), he'll come in tomorrow in practice, we'll see what time he'll come in practice on Friday and we'll go from there. We need him because he's a high level kid."