In an evening of hotly contested political races, the voting public decided against several well-known incumbents. Virgil Peck (R), who was running for the Kansas Senate District 15 seat, lost to Dan Goddard (R) of Parsons. Goddard garnished 3.469 votes or 51 percent to Peck's 3,302 votes or 49 percent. State Senate District 15 encompasses the counties of Montgomery, Labette and Neosho.

Another contest in which the incumbent lost was the fight for Kansas Senate District 14. Forest Knox (R) of Altoona lost his bid for re-election to Bruce Givens (R) of El Dorado. Givens won the Republican nomination with a vote tally of 6,392 or 55 percent to Knox's total vote count of 5,804 or 48 percent. Givens will now face Democrat challenger Mark Pringle, who defeated fellow Democrat Carl Shay Jr., in the general election to be held on Nov. 8, 2016. 

In other contests, Doug Blex (R) of Independence, running for Kansas House of Representatives District 12, defeated Brad Hall for the Republican nomination with votes of 1,825 or 61 percent to Hall's 1,173 votes or 39 percent. Blex will now face Democrat challenger, Jean Kurtis-Schodorf of Sedan in the general election.

Montgomery County Sheriff Robert (Bobby) Dierks (R) secured his next term as Montgomery County Sheriff by defeating Sherlene Stroud (R) by a margin of 2,461 votes or 84 percent for Dierks, and 481 votes or 16 percent for Stroud. He is running unopposed in the general election.

For District Court Judge District 14, Jeffery Gettler (R) of Independence, defeated Robert Lattin (R) of Independence with 2,239 votes or 63 percent, for Gettler and 1,323 votes or 37 percent for Lattin. Gettler is unopposed in the general election. All results are unofficial until the state canvass occurs.

Following is a complete list of federal, state and county primary races along with results that occurred in Montgomery, Wilson and Chautauqua counties.

United States Senate (D)
Monique Singh-34,262
Patrick Wiesner-58,548

United States Senate (R)
Jerry Moran-227,174
DJ Smith-59,963

United States House of Representatives District 4 (D)
Daniel Giroux-9,313
Robert Tillman-8,764

Kansas Senate District 14 (D)
Mark Pringle-1,163
Carl Shay Jr.-968

Kansas Senate District 14 (R)
Bruce Givens-6,392
Forrest Knox-5,804

Kansas Senate District 15 (R)
Dan Goddard-3,469
Virgil Peck-3,302

Kansas House of Representatives District 7 (R)
Richard Proehl-1,596
Tim Wass Jr.-874

Kansas House of Representatives District 12 (R)
Doug Blex-1,825
Brad Hall-1,173

Kansas House of Representatives District 13 (R)
Michael Countryman-1,079
Larry Hibbard-3,483

District Court Judge District 14 (R)
Jeffrey Gettler-2,239
Robert Lattin-1,323

Montgomery County Sheriff (R)
Robert Dierks-2,461
Sherlene Stroud-481

Wilson County Commissioner District 2 (R)
Andrew Miller-262
Sheldon Eisele-195
Robert Smith-68

Wilson County Attorney (R)
Jill Chard-788
Kenley Thompson-944

Wilson County Sheriff (R)
Pete Figgins-933
Randal Harkrader-816

Chautauqua County Commissioner District 2 (R)
Danny Williams-142
Rodney Shaw-235

Chautauqua County Clerk (R)
Janice Fine-363
Niki Collier-469

Chautauqua County Treasurer (R)
Amy Goode-562
Kristi Loftin-278

Chautauqua County Attorney (R)
Ruth Ritthaler-437
Larry Markle-391

Candidates who ran unopposed were:

Lynn Jenkins (R), U.S. House of Representatives, District 2; Britani Potter (D), U.S. House of Representatives, District 2; Michael Pompeo (R), U.S. House of Representatives, District 4

Chuck Schmidt (D), Kansas Senate, District 15; Jean Kurtis-Schodorf (D), Kansas House of Representatives, District 12; Jim Kelly (R), Kansas Senate, District 11 

Montgomery County:

Charlotte Schmidt (R), County Clerk; Larry McManus (R), County Commissioner, District 2; Fred Brown (D), County Commissioner, District 3; Larry Markle (R), County Attorney; Nancy Clubine (R), County Treasurer; Marilyn Calhoun (R), Register of Deeds

Wilson County:
Casey Lair (R), County Commissioner, District 3; Rhonda Willard (R), County Clerk; Faye Price (R), County Treasurer; Connie O'Neill (R), Register of Deeds

Chautauqua County:
Jack Carpenter (R), County Commissioner, District 3; Laura Beeson (R), County Register of Deeds; Richard Newby (R), County Sheriff