The question is no longer who is running for office in Kansas - the question is who is going to win. With countless names tossed about for the last six months, the list of candidates became final as of noon Friday, June 1. There are 342 candidates in the state of Kansas - 138 Democrats and 204 Republicans. Here are the candidates for Districts pertaining to Montgomery County.

Governor/Lt. Governor

The current candidates for governor and lieutenant governor of Kansas are as follows:

  • Arden Anderson and Dale Cowsert - Democratic
  • Jack Bergeson and Alexander Cline - Democratic
  • Carl Brewer and Chris Morrow - Democratic
  • Laura Kelly and Lynn Rogers - Democratic
  • Joshua Svaty and Katrina Gier Lewison - Democratic
  • Jim Barnett and Rosie Hansen - Republican
  • Jeff Colyer and Tracey Mann - Republican
  • Kris Kobach and Wink Hartman - Republican
  • Patrick "PK" Kucera and Patricia Reitz - Republican 
  • Tyler Ruzich and Dominic Scavuzzo - Republican
  • Ken Selzer and Ken Sanderson - Republican
  • Joseph Tutera, Jr. and Phillip Clemente - Republican

Jack Bergeson and Alexander Cline as well as Tyler Ruzich and Dominic Scavuzzo are high school students. Not all of them will even be old enough to vote in the August primary or the November general election, but there are no current laws on the books in Kansas to prevent them from running for governor.

However, according to Bergeson's last campaign finance report filed in January, his campaign had only about $20 on hand after raising only $138 over 2017. Ruzich's campaign had about $2,500 on hand. 

Democratic candidate Laura Kelly had $154,939 on hand in her January filing; Carl Brewer had $6,645.22; Arden Anderson had no reports filed; Joshua Svaty had $66,760.26; Jim Barnett had no reports filed; Jeff Colyer had $548,802.80; Kris Kobach had $260,902.21; Patrick Kucera had $0; Ken Seltzer had no reports filed and Joseph Tutera had negative $5.80. 

United State House of Representatives District 2

There is only one Democrat running for this office: Paul Davis. Davis narrowly lost a bid for governor against Sam Brownback in 2014, but he carried the voters of District 2. According to the latest reports dated March 31, Davis has raised about three times as much as any other candidate in the race for District 2. He has raised $1.08 million compared to $350,000 to Caryn Tyson, the Republican candidate with the highest amount raised.

The Republicans running for District 2 are: Vernon J. Fields, Steve Fitzgerald, Kevin Jones, Doug Mays, Dennis Pyle, Caryn Tyson and Steve Watkins. has their monies raised as follows: Vernon Fields - $20,392; Steve Fitzgerald - $313,995; Kevin Jones - $87,232; Doug Mays - not available; Dennis Pyle - not available; Caryn Tyson - $350,233; and Steve Watkins - $259,746. 

Kansas House of Representatives District 11

Incumbent Republican Jim Kelly, of Independence, has filed to run again for the District 11 office. He will face off against Republican John Lowrance, also of Independence. Kelly's January campaign finance filing showed $51,101 cash on hand. Lowrance had no filing listed. 

Kansas House of Representatives District 12

Incumbent Republican Doug Blex, of Independence, filed to run for his second term as the representative for District 12. He will face off against Republican Brad Hall, also of Independence. There were no campaign finance reports filed for either District 12 candidate. 

District Court Judge District 14

F. William Cullins and Jeffrey D. Gossard are both Republicans running for District 14.

Since 1992, Kansas has had 11 years of Democratic governor's and one year of having a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. In that same time there have been 15 years of Republican trifectas - years where Republicans were in control of the governorship, Senate and House. The Kansas primaries will take place Aug. 7.