Drivers rejoice, the wait is almost over. The 10th Street bridge construction is close to completion according to Robert Bever, Montgomery County Public Works coordinator.

"We are now under 10 working days left for Mission Construction to complete the bridge work. In fact, we are in the single digits for the construction company to complete their work and open the roadway," he said.

Next Wednesday, Mission Construction will be pouring the walls and the deck. "This week they will build the forms for the concrete; that's their goal anyway," said Bever. He went on to say that the county is still looking a the middle of June or after for the road to be ready for traffic. 

When asked if the company had surpassed the contract completion working days and is subject to fines, Bever responded that they are under 10 working days left before fines could be implemented but it is dependent upon weather conditions.

Although the county Public Works Department has been fielding many angry calls regarding the delay of the opening of the 10th Street bridge work, Bever made it clear that it's a state issue.

"This is a state project and they should be talking to the Kansas Department of Transportation or contacting Mission Construction, however, it is our road and we will continue to receive the  upset calls from the county residents."

He concluded by saying that a full report will be given at the Monday Montgomery County commission meeting at the Montgomery County courthouse in Independence at 9 a.m.