It was a full agenda Monday morning for the Montgomery County Commission as they said goodbye to Commissioner Ryan York and welcomed new Commissioner Robert Bever. Following the invocation by the Rev. Melvin Simpson of the First Church of God in Christ in Coffeyville, commissioners approved the agenda and minutes of the last meeting.

Public Works Interim Coordinator Jim Wright presented his 2018 Year End report for the department and requested signatures on the annual Noxious Weed Eradication report. He then requested permission to fill an open position due to an employee resignation; the commissioners gave verbal permission.

Commissioner then went into executive session on a personnel issue for 15 minutes with no action taken when they returned.

Up next was the reorganization of the county commission. Commission Chair Larry McManus presented outgoing Commissioner York with a plaque in recognition of his service. York thanked everyone and stated, "I appreciate it. It's been very educational. Thank you." McManus then opened the floor for those in attendance to say a few words to York. Bever was then sworn in as Montgomery County Commissioner 1st District. County Clerk Charlotte Scott Schmidt assisted Bever who then took his place at the table with McManus and Fred Brown.

Happenings during the reorganization included the reappointment of McManus as chair, the Independence Daily Reporter is the official county newspaper for 2019, holiday schedule approval, wavier of GAAP for 2019, and approval of the invocation schedule. Dr. James L. Christensen was appointed county coroner with Darrin Hamlin and Rick Whitson appointed deputy coroners. Paul Kritz was appointed county counselor and LaVerne Strecker was appointed county in-house auditor. McManus will continue on the SEK Regional Planning Board, Bever was appointed to the Solid Waste Committee, McManus was chosen as a representative to the Juvenile Detention Board in Girard, Brown was appointed to the LEPC, Bever was appointed tot he RCND, Brown was appointed to the Council on Aging and all three commissioners were appointed to the Montgomery County Economic Development Committee.

Environmental Health/Zoning Administrator Scott Barnhart updated the commission on the county's ADA Transition Plan. "The transition plan serves as a policy direction guidance document that keeps us in check with our ADA requirements as we continue to progress and either new development of policies or remodeling of facilities. It also shows an action log of what we have done in the past," Barnhart explained. He said the development and maintenance of a Transition Plan is to provide identification of non-complying barriers to those individuals with disabilities; describes general methods to be used in making the services accessible; to provide a schedule for making the access modifications; to provide an action log to the implementation of modifications; and to identify the public official(s) responsible for implementation of the plan.

Bever asked if it would add cost to the county to which Barnhart replied it doesn't at the time. "I am not aware of any special costs that would be added," he said. All commissioners approved the ADA Transition Plan.

The commission again went into an executive session for a personnel issue with no action taken and upon return approved the destruction of county clerk and election records which included the 2014 Homesteads, the 2012 County Department Inventory reports, the 2011 Canceled Voter Registrations, the 2016 AGency Central DMV Registration Reports and old payroll documents.

Employee Benefit Management Services (EBMS) representative MIcah Boulanger then spoke to commissioners about the county health insurance update. After hearing offers and discussion of each, commissioners agreed to hold the decision until the Jan. 28 meeting so they can look through the proposal.

The commission will not meet Jan. 21 due to the holiday and Bever brought up possibly meeting on a Tuesday following a holiday and after some discussion the items was tabled until the Jan. 28 meeting. Bever said he would also like to have work sessions.

The Jan. 28 meeting will be at 9 a.m. in the lower level of the Judicial Center. Everyone is encourage to attend.