Randy Wagoner, longtime city of Cherryvale council member, has resigned from the Cherryvale city council effective June 20. Wagoner addressed the Cherryvale city council at his last meeting Monday by saying, "This is a bittersweet opportunity. I have been a social science teacher and in education most of my life and I consider myself as a teacher even after I went into administration. I love government and I became involved in government to as an example to my students as to what the election process might look like in the early 1990's. The thing is, I actually won the election and that started my local government career in the early 1990's."

He said his experience serving the community and interacting with the people through the local government has been most rewarding to him personally. "I will miss it and miss all of the council but I believe the city of Cherryvale is in good hands," Wagoner said. 

For approximately 10 years, Wagoner has served the people of Cherryvale to his utmost ability in his profession as an educator/Superintendent and Cherryvale mayor/councilman. It has always been his mission to see the community and its citizens prosper and live a peaceful lifestyle.

He was elected as mayor in the early 1990's but the position didn't allow him to vote unless there was a tie in the council body. "When a city council position came open I elected to run for it and won. I have now served two or three terms on the Cherryvale City Council and I have enjoyed it all," said Wagoner. 

He believes it is the citizens' responsibility to get involved in government and the community to keep the community headed in the right direction. "When I taught my students about becoming involved in their community government, I felt if I was going to preach it to them I am going to have to be a model for them and that is how I got started in local government," reflected Wagoner. Since Wagoner's venture into local government, several of his former students have followed in his footsteps and served on the Cherryvale city council, most alongside him. 

When looking back at his career in Cherryvale city government and what he has accomplished, he said, "I don't like to think I have done anything on my own. I may have added a little civility and stability to the council and that is why I hate getting off the council because we have a couple new people on the council," Wagoner said. He does believe the council has made a wise decision in the hiring of Brooke Carroll as Cherryvale's city administrator. "When I was superintendent of schools, my motto was, 'When you hire, hire good people and they will do good things.' I think Brooke is going to do good things," Wagoner stated. In his reflection on his accomplishments, he felt what he can take with him was being part of hiring good people on the city staff. 

In the early 1990's, Wagoner was part of the change to Cherryvale's form of city government. They went from a commissioner style to a council form of government. "I believe that was more beneficial to the city in that it created the city administrator role to eliminate the elected officials out of the day to day operations of the city. That was probably the biggest thing I was involved in my tenure on the city council," he said. His intentions as a city councilman had always been to see the community take pride in maintaining a small town community and quality of living. 

"I think we do a fairly good job of that and keep the essentials of sewer, water, roads, and electricity as well as all the things necessary to live going in the city and providing the citizens the opportunity to live quiet, peaceful lives," Wagoner stated.

Wagoner's future plans are moving to Oklahoma where he will go to work for Jane Phillips elementary school, Bartlesville. He will be working a classified job helping students with behavioral problems and before they get into trouble. His real joy will be as an assistant coach for the eighth grade football team in Bartlesville this year. 

"This is an opportunity to get back to working with kids again and see if I can make an impact on their lives," Wagoner concluded.