It's no secret. Richard Pereira, Vintage Steakhouse, chef and owner, along with his daughter Yamilka, conducted a cooking seminar Tuesday at the Independence Science and Technology Center. He presented an extensive array of special dishes, many from his restaurant menu. 

"Some people think I'm crazy for sharing my recipes but I am secure in my ability to cook," Pereira said. 

Before a packed house of seminar attendees of all ages. Pereira shared his recipes for Honey Cajun Pasta, stacked with bacon and Alfredo covered with honey cajun sauce; Hawaiian Chicken; Shrimp and Mushroom Chicken; French Onion Soup; Pineapple Vinaigrette; Citrus Avocado Salad and Fresco Chicken. He also prepared a KC Strip steak with shrimp covered in a special sauce. 

"After all we are a steakhouse. I should prepare a steak," said Pereira. 

The class watched in amazement as he made preparation and cooking appear so simple. It was when he had finished most everyone was amazed by his presentation of several of the dishes. It was as if he had created works of art with the colors and textures of the food all blending together to create a sense of enjoyment, especially when tasted. 

Pereira said, "We plan to have a series of cooking classes. Our plans are to have a class designed especially for cooking for the 'Keto' diet, cake decorating, seafood, pasta and others. We are planning on having one class each month for the next five or six months."  

Dates and times of the next class will be posted on the restaurant's Facebook page or call for details.

"A lot of people have asked for my recipes. I thought about it a long time then I decided to share some with the public. I'm really not crazy. I'm okay with it," Pereria said with a chuckle. 

At one point toward the end of the class, Pereira asked the class why they thought he does not serve alcohol at his restaurant as it is a question many have asked since most restaurants do serve alcoholic beverages. He told them it was because he was an alcoholic and a drug addict and he realized he was not going to survive if he didn't change his life. It was at that time in his life he said, "I discovered that regardless of how bad my life was it still mattered to God. It was when I found him that my life changed and that old self died. Now I can be the father and husband God intended me to be." 

As he wrapped up his equipment and began to load his van, Pereira said, "All I really want is for people to hear that there is someone up there who cares for them too."