It's a game of Hide and Seek but his world is getting smaller now. Early Thursday morning Independence police officers were dispatched to G&W Foods, 416 W. Myrtle St., where cleaners had located a badly damaged ATM inside the grocery store. According to Chief Jerry Harrison, officers arrived and searched the store three times before beginning to process the evidence.

At 9:06 a.m., officers were still on scene when a store employee reported hearing a shuffling sound above a cooler, an officer investigated and called for back up as he could see a person hiding in the dark area. When back up officers arrived, they grabbed ladders from employees and a group of officers confronted the individual. Officers were greeted with the individual approaching them with a two-foot long shattered light bulb but officers stated he dropped the bulb once the gravity of the situation set in.

According to Harrison, one officer fell through the top of the cooler during an evidence search and another officer held the structure until other officers were able to rescue the dangling officer. No one was injured.

The suspect, Larry Clark, of Independence, was taken into custody and charged with attempted theft, aggravated battery, criminal trespass and criminal damage to property.