While shopping for her own wedding, Adrienne Sanborn (soon to be Frazier) realized many of the costs associated with event planning are outrageous and she really wanted to change that … hence Something Borrowed Event Rentals and Customizations. “I am actually planning my own wedding, I’m getting married in three weeks. I was getting quotes for some rental items around here and it was ridiculous and they really don’t have what people want. I was looking online for some things and I came across these people in Broken Arrow, Okla. who were selling everything. They were retiring so I bought it all and decided to open a store,” Sanborn stated with a laugh. Sanborn said basically she was shopping for her own wedding, found the couple selling their stock, purchased it and opened up a store. “Just on a whim,” she said with a laugh. “I have had a lot of help from family as well.” The rental process is quite simple, Sanborn said. “People sign up for an appointment, come in and check all the items out. We will have some empty tables set up so customers can pick and choose things and set it up to make sure they like how it looks together. I will then send them an invoice because we don’t really have prices on everything since there is just too much to price,” she explained. Once the customer is okay with the invoice, they will pick up the chosen items on the day stated and when the event is over they will return the items. Sanborn does hold a credit card number on file to ensure payment. “We actually have a contract for them to sign and we keep their credit card number on file just in case there are any problems,” Sanborn stated. When asked what type of items the shop will offer for rental, Sanborn replied simply, “Everything.” Room after room of the store is filled to capacity with silk flowers, dishes, silverware, linens, candle votives, wooden back drops, arbors, cake stands, cupcake stands, serving trays, vases and so much more. “We have just about everything,” said Sanborn. “Except for tables and chairs, we do not have those.” As for her own wedding, Sanborn said she had all the decor chosen before she purchased the large amount of items and now she is saying, “Hmmm, what do I want to use.” Sanborn is available to help customers make decisions but said, “I’m not the best at it but I will do my best. It helps to get other opinions.” Sanborn said the whole goal of Something Borrowed Event Rentals is to be budget-friendly. “I hate that weddings are so expensive. It’s supposed to be a happy time not a stressful time,” she stated. “I really want to stay within people’s budget and help them have a wonderful wedding or event without all the stress of the cost.” Store hours at the moment are by appointment only as Sanborn works a full-time job at the landfill. To make an appointment, give Sanborn a text or call at 620-330-2070 or send a message to the Facebook page, Something Borrowed Event Rentals. Sanborn said she is excited to serve the folks of Independence and the surrounding area with reasonably priced party good rentals.