Tragedy struck last August after a plane went down carrying five Independence residents near Ponca City, Okla. A permanent memorial has been installed at the site of crash, remembering the lives of the victims.

The memorial consists of five metal crosses, which bear each victim's initials. The victims included Kansas firefighter Nicholas Warner and his two sons Hayden and Corbyn, his father Bill Warner, and their family friend and fellow pilot Tim Valentine. 

Ponca City area farmer Tony Schieber erected the memorial, five metal crosses, with the help of Ponca City companies MitchCo Fabricating and Custom Powder Coating.

“This was something small we could do that would help the families when they come down to visit the crash site,” Schieber said to the Ponca City News. “It’s just a small thing, but if it can help the family out in any way it will have been worth the effort,” he said.

Dean Kindler, owner of the property farmed by Schieber, lauded Schieber’s actions when he spoke to IDR. 

Brenda Warner visited the memorial Tuesday afternoon to wish her husband, Bill Warner, Happy Birthday. Warner would have turned 67 years old. Warner was at one point the youngest person in the state of Kansas to have his pilot's license at 16 years old, and had well over 10,000 hours of flight time. "We are so incredibly grateful for the love and compassion the people, strangers, had -- those who went out to help, it couldn't have been easy on them," and thanked Schieber for the memorial, who she said, "went to a great deal of trouble to do it."

“He’s a a very busy man with the farm," said Kindler of Schieber. "To set out and make that memorial by himself and set it up says a lot about what kind of a man he is, says a lot about his character,” Kindler added. “And, it’s a really nice thing to do for the family and those involved in this terrible tragedy.” 

Schieber said he pursued the idea of creating a memorial after speaking to a relative of the victims.

The details of the crash are still being investigated at this time by the National Transportation Safety Board.