A new experience is coming to Independence. The Meadowlark Lounge at the Independence Historical Museum and Arts Center (IMHAC). Saturday, June 15, the inaugural event will feature dinner at 6 p.m. followed by several well known singers/ songwriters sharing the inspiration behind their songs as well as performing them for the audience at 7 p.m. 

"These talented songwriters will perform their original songs in a variety of types of music. They will be playing guitars as well as other instruments. This event will be presented in a similar way it is done at the famous 'Bluebird Cafe' in Nashville," said Mike Flood, director of the Meadowlark Lounge. It will be a place where the songwriters and audience can interact with each other and get to know the motivation, passion and theory behind their songwriting while sharing it with the audience.

Some of the performers sharing their talent will be Martin Metzger, formerly of Nashville, Tenn. and Daytona Beach, Fla., Stacie LuPardus, Independence, and Chris Mitchell, Independence. 

This dinner and show will benefit the IHMAC. Tickets for the concert are $25 each and are available at the IHMAC at 123 N. 8th St. or by calling the museum at 620-331- 3515. The deadline to purchase tickets is June 11. The event is sponsored by Independence Pharmacy, Mr. Reid's Workshop, 4 Leaf Entertainment, Midwest Real Estate, Ane Mae's Coffee and Sandwich Shop, Down Home Family Restaurant and the Independence Chamber of Commerce. 

"It's our plan to have more Meadowlark Lounge concerts to provide more opportunities for future songwriters to showcase their talent," said Flood. Each one of the upcoming events will be different. "This one will premiere Country, Gospel and some Blues. The next one may be entirely different in songwriting and songs."

The idea of the Meadowlark Lounge began six years ago when the Kansas Celebrity Hall of Fame was first started. "We wanted to start having an Open-Mic Night. We did three or four and had four or five people coming every night and singing anything they wanted to. We even had a guy who was an Elvis impersonator," recalled Flood. 

The Meadowlark Lounge is an intent to revive the music heritage that Independence is well known for. "We want to do more for songwriters. We have discovered there are a lot of good songwriters here and they need a place to showcase their talent," said Flood.

Any potential songwriter who might be interested in future concerts should call Mike Flood at 620-330- 0675. The next show is scheduled for Aug. 17 at the Meadow Lark Lounge at IHMAC.