Southeast Kansas may not spring to mind when the word "haunted" is mentioned. What, with more northern towns such as Atchison boasting ghosts and ghouls galore. 

But according to the website Only In Your State, the top two on the 10 Horribly Creepy Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Kansas list are local haunts. 

Number two holds Cherryvale's bloodiest local legend; The Benders. One of the most infamous Kansas murder sprees whose perpetrators had never been captured. For those that don't know the story, outside Cherryvale in the early 1870's, the Bender family owned a small inn, where they offered a place to stay for travelers heading west. There, the family committed at least 11 murders. 

According to the list, you can visit the Bender Museum in Cherryvale, and then the town itself.

Topping off the list at number one is the local ghost town LeHunt. Called the piece de resistance by the website, LeHunt is rumored to be haunted by Bohr, a former United Kansas Portland Cement employee who met his untimely death after falling into a vat of concrete, never to be recovered, but always to be discussed by local high schoolers. The town has since been reclaimed by the surrounding nature, evidenced by overgrown shrubs and towering trees, but traces of humanity are still found, maybe even ghostly traces. "After Bohr's death, his coworkers encapsulated his wheelbarrow, pick and shovel into a wall of concrete that can be seen today," wrote Only In Your State.

Other LeHunt lore include the goatman, several spooks and crazed wilderness witches. 

While checking out the supernatural is some people's cup of tea, it is never okay to trespass. Permission from land owners must be obtained before entering an area such as LeHunt, as the decomposing structures can be dangerous.

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