The 2018 General Election brought out voters of all kinds and lots of them. Lines were long across precincts in the United States but voters were patient for the most part as all wanted their voice to be heard. Montgomery County was no exception to high voter turn out as the polls stayed busy the entire day.

Due to 10 counties not having their counts turned into the state by IDR press time, the following numbers are an unofficial rundown of races of note. The counties who did have their counts turned into the state included: Sherman, Sheridan, Ellis, Rush, McPherson, Marion, Harvey, Kingman, Sumner and Neosho.

The Cherryvale USD 447 School Bond was a hot button topic but the opposition voiced their disdain regarding the bond and it failed by 189 votes. Note: Neosho and Wilson county votes had not been tallied as of press time.

The battle for Kansas governor was intense as Democrat Laura Kelly was declared the winner with 483,534 votes compared to Republican Kris Kobach's 435,027 votes, Independence Greg Orman had 64,815 votes, Independent Rick Kloos pulled in 6,133 votes and Libertarian Jeff Caldwell received 18,685 votes.

Another hotly contested race for Kansas was the US House of Representative 2nd District with Steve Watkins, Republican, winning the top seat with 124,245 total votes. Behind Watkins was Democrat Paul Davis with 119,999 votes and Kelly Standley with 14,323 votes.

Republican Scott Schwab took the top spot for Secretary of State with 526,562 of the votes while Democrat Brian "Bam" McClendon had 436,286 and Libertarian Rob Hodgkinson had 35,008. Derek Schmidt held fast to hold onto the office of Attorney General receiving 588,454 votes while Democrat Sarah G. Swain had 406,650 votes. The Commissioner of Insurance is Vicki Schmidt who had 617,024 votes while Nathaniel McLaughlin had 361,721. 

The following are unofficial results for the state of Kansas. All results listed are unofficial until the state canvass occurs according to state statute.



Laura Kelly (D) - 483,534

Kris Kobach (R) - 435,027

Greg Orman (I) - 64,815

Rick Kloos (I) - 6,133

Jeff Caldwell (L) - 18,685


US House of Representatives 2nd District

Steve Watkins (R) - 124,245

Paul Davis (D) - 119,999

Kelly Standley (L) - 14,323


Secretary of State

Scott Schwab (R) - 526,562

Brian "Bam" McClendon (D) - 436,286

Rob Hodgkinson (L) - 35,008


Commissioner of Insurance

Vickie Schmidt (R) - 617,024

Nathaniel McLaughlin (D) - 361,721


Attorney General

Derek Schmidt (R) - 588,454

Sarah G. Swain (D) - 406,650


State Treasurer

Jake LaTurner (R) - 572,738

Marci Francisco (D) - 417,226

Cherryvale bond proposal

Yes - 461

No - 650


A recap of candidates who ran unopposed:

Richard J. Proehl, (R), Kansas House of Representatives District 7; Jim Porter, (R), State Board of Education District 9; Jim Kelly (R), Kansas House of Representatives District 11; Doug Blex, (R), Kansas House of Representatives District 12; and Larry P. Hibbard, (R), Kansas House of Representatives District 13.