Having done business in the Independence area for three generations, Chris Wilson of Charles Wilson and Son Carpet Cleaners, loves giving back to communities who have given his family business so much. 

"My granddad started the business in 1959," Wilson said with pride. "That is a long time." Jerry Bright, board member of Home Sweet Home Homeless Ministry, said the group had several homes donated to the ministry to assist helping those needing shelter in Independence. But of course, those homes are in need of tidying up and carpets need cleaned, too. Enter Chris Wilson. 

"I talked to Chris and told him what we were doing and he said he likes to help and give back to to the community that has been so good to him and his family," Bright explained. "Chris said he wanted to donate the cleaning of the carpet for the two apartments, he is doing it for free, just donating." 

Bright explained the home receiving the loving care will either be transitional housing or for women with children who are homeless. "But I got to thinking about Chris, I knew his grandfather which shows you how old I am," he said with a chuckle. "His grandfather did carpet cleaning and this his father did carpet cleaning and now he is doing carpet cleaning — that is three generations. For him to come in and help us and give back to the community, I thought that was just really great."

Wilson explained when his grandfather, Charles, Sr., started the business they didn't have steam cleaning as they do today. "He actually started out doing janitorial," he noted. Wilson said he believes the first contract was with City Hall. "That is where he used to start his morning. Back then they actually shampooed the carpets — there is a difference between shampooing and steam cleaning, a lot of people don't realize that." 

Wilson said steam cleaning came along in 1977. Charles, Sr., passed away in 1987 and Charles, Jr. and his brother took over the business but parted ways around 1994. "My dad took a little time off and then I restarted the business in February of 1999 and here we are," Wilson said.

More than steam cleaning is offered by Wilson. Other services include: furniture cleaning, air duct cleaning, water and fire restoration and more. "We actually just opened a building downtown across from the Booth Hotel at 8th and Main," Wilson stated. "It's going to be where we house all of our equipment so we can have all of our water restoration equipment together. And we have a detail shop there which we just opened in May of 2018."

Wilson said he has a lot of irons in the fire but he likes to stay busy so helping the ministry was a no brainer. "I've known Mr. Bright a long time and no one has asked me to do anything like this before so I wasn't hesitant whatsoever," he noted. 

Wilson said he and his crew will steam clean all the carpets in the home which houses two apartments as well as the furniture. "I know they said I didn't have to but…," he added with a smile. Work was going to be done by Monday so more work can be done on the home to prepare it for habitation. 

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