Downtown Independence just keeps growing business after business. The newest downtown business to open is Sawyers Fine Wine and Spirits at 101 W. Main St., and owners Patrick and Michelle Conway are excited to show off their newly remodeled store.

The Conway's know all about creating a successful family-owned business as they are also co-owners of Brother's Railroad Inn located at 113 S. Penn Ave. Coming up with a name for the business was easy as they celebrated the birth of their grandson, Sawyer — opening for business on his first birthday, Oct. 19 making it a true family celebration. Sawyer's employs around nine, many of them also employee's of the restaurant.

Michelle said Sawyer's will offer fine wines, liquors, beers and more. "Just the usual," she said. "But we are not like the usual liquor store because we didn't want to have so much stuff." Instead they opted to have a smaller inventory. "We just wanted a little bit of stuff and a lot of room because sometimes you go into liquor stores and you feel cramped trying to get through the aisles."

She said they ordered the normal items for their inventory when they first opened and they are now in the process of ordering what customers prefer. 

Michelle feels their customer services sets them apart from other liquor stores in the area. "Our goal is to make people feel special," she noted. "When I go into a place I want to feel like I'm the most important person there, I want people to help me, I want people to cater to me and I want to feel at home. A lot of times I'll go back to a place because I felt like that." 

She compared the feeling with the classic television sitcom "Cheers" stating, "Everybody that went in there felt like they were a part of that place," said Michelle with a smile. "That is what I want people to feel like when they visit Sawyer's." She mentioned some customers told her to get some chairs for the store because they "just want to hang out." 

Patrick said the liquor industry isn't really competitive because most in the area buy and sell at the same price. "What we want to do is make it where we can still compete but do what we do best and that is our customer service and making sure what we have is nicer than everybody else," he noted. "That way when you go to get something, you have somewhere nice to go get it."

He mentioned the bags they supply for wine purchases. "We don't know what you are doing with that bottle of wine. You may be giving it as a gift, maybe taking it to a party or it may be just for you but wherever you are going, you are ready." They just want to make their customers feel special, Patrick said.

"We know our customers work hard for their money so we need to work just has hard to show them appreciation," he stated. "We've been at the restaurant 15 years and we have seen businesses come and go left and right and the one thing that is consistent is our service and how we treat people." He said prices always fluctuate but one thing they can do is make sure they know their customers are treated well. 

Sawyer's held their first wine tasting event Dec. 1 where they featured Revelry Chardonnay and Carbernet and more such events will be planned for the future as well as beer tastings. Be sure to "like" their Facebook page to keep up on such events. 

"We will also have wine tastings and food pairings at Brother's," he mentioned. "We can't have food here but we can there. If we get a lot of people who say 'Hey, I love that wine, what does it go with?' then the next month we can do that wine and the chef will create foods to pair with it."

The Conway's are excited to be open in downtown Independence and are ready to serve the public. Visit the store or their Facebook page to see the latest specials and event dates.