If you were out and about Wednesday you may have been able to spot two pickup trucks laden down with boxes upon boxes of bananas. The Community Access Center received about 90 boxes of bananas Wednesday from the Mary Martha Outreach distribution center in Bartlesville, Okla. 

The four person delivery team was comprised of Home Sweet Home Homeless MInistry and Community Access Center Director Chris Mitchell, Jerry Bright, Ray Walker and Scott Petersen. They delivered bananas to area churches, schools, senior centers and daycares. Each box weighed 40 pounds and contained anywhere from 80 to 100 bananas. 

Mitchell thanked the Caney distribution center, who told Mitchell about the sizable donation that had been made, and inquired if they would like a part of it.

Since the bananas are fresh produce and now boxed or canned items they have a much shorter shelf span, and needed to be distributed quickly. The Community Access Center receives all kinds of fresh donations, such as tomatoes, celery and…well, bananas.