Giving the public a real-life glimpse into how drugs affect the community is the purpose of “Let’s Talk About Drugs & Prosecution,” a presentation by Montgomery County Attorney Larry Markle. The presentation, which is open to everyone, will take place Friday, Sept. 21 at 2 p.m. at the Cherryvale Community Center, 712 S. Liberty. This drug awareness and community outreach event will address issues such as the nature of the problem which is drugs, addiction and crime; the system of police investigations, prosecution and sentencing guidelines; and solutions such as prevention. Markle explained the county attorney’s office offers the presentations to local communities in order to give the public a real life look at how drugs can affect the community we live in. “As more drugs become legal and more accepted in society, we must be prepared for the consequences,” Markle said. “This includes the expected consequences as well as the unexpected.” The goal of the event is to give people a better understanding of how the process works as well as why it does not work to “solve” the drug problems in communities. “Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions so that we can educate everyone about police activities, prosecution and the court system,” said Markle. “This is an informal presentation. That way folks can feel more comfortable about asking questions and getting direct answers.” Call 620-336-2776 for more information.