Supporting projects at the Ralph Mitchell Zoo and participating in trick or treating for goodies … that is what Zoolloween is all about. Park and Zoo Director Barb Beurskens said the 5th annual Zoolloween will be Saturday, Oct. 13 from 5 to 7 p.m. Aside from trick or treating, the $2 entry fee will offer Zoolloween activities including face painting, Spooky Bowling, Witch Hat Ring Toss, Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss, a photo booth, a maze, Plinko and concessions; children under 2 years of age are admitted free of charge. Beurskens said Halloween costumes are encouraged but they are not required. “Organizations set up individual tables and they can either pay us, we charge $100 for us to provide candy for their table to hand out. It’s free if they want to bring their own things. We have already gotten that taken care of,” she said. The organizations set up and the kids come through and trick or treat. “We have games for the kids to play. The drama students at ICC always dress up and we put them in the animal cages and on Monkey Island,” Beurskens noted, adding with a chuckle. “We put all the animals up, naturally, we don’t mix the animals with the kids. They are all zombies and spooky characters. It is a fun time with games and trick or treating.” Beurskens said funds are not always available to help with zoo projects and Zoolloween assists the completion of some projects and the beginning of others. “Zoolloween helps support a project at the park. Right now we are working on the tortoise and donkey exhibit,” she explained. “We did get some money from an individual and we are waiting on winter time when the tortoises go in to start the project. We will probably need more than what we got as it always cost more than you think. But if we don’t need it all we will put it toward some other exhibits.” Beurskens credits the yearly success of the event on the volunteers who include park board members, park and zoo staff and students seeking to complete community service. “They love helping with it because it is a fun community service so we get a lot of kids,” Beurskens said. “We have been doing it for five years now so we kind of have it down.” Beurskens said Paul Lemons, who always comes dressed as Batman with Batgirl, is attempting to bring the whole Batman crew including his famed sidekick, Robin, to this year’s event. If rain hampers the event on Saturday, Oct. 13, it will be moved to Sunday, Oct. 14. “So far we haven’t had to do that and I hope we don’t,” she said with a smile. “People get excited doing this. It’s kind of fun. We are excited.” Beurskens finished by stating, “Come out and have a good time and help support the zoo.”