Citizens of Independence are encouraged to give input through an online survey currently available on the city website at In a press release, city manager Craig Whitehead noted the survey is in conjunction with a community-based planning processes that has been implemented "to engage residents in developing a roadmap and prioritization for projects and initiatives to enhance local quality of life."

The goal of the online citizen survey, according to Whitehead, is to "capture opinions, hopes and suggestions from local residents regarding their community." The survey will be available until the first week of June. Upon navigating to the city website, the link to the survey is featured prominently on the top banner and when you click it will take you onto a new page to begin the survey.

"You can contribute to shaping the future of our town by taking a few minutes to share your thoughts. The City's volunteer Strategic Planning Advisory Committee will be carefully reviewing each survey response and using this community input to develop a five-year strategic plan for Independence," the survey explains.

First it asks if you live within the city limits and if so, for how long. It then asks what you like most about Independence and what you do not like about Independence. It asks if you are happy with the size of the population, what led to your location in Independence, where you would like future resources focused and what you would change about the town if you were in charge.

It also asks what you would like to see happen over the next five years and gives a space for you to include other comments or insights.

For demographic information, it asks you to identify which neighborhood in Independence you live based on a map they provide, your age range, gender for those who identify as male or female (this question is not required to submit the survey). While the survey is anonymous, you can provide your email address at the end of the survey and they will send a copy of the results when they are made available.

in addition to the survey, the city will be offering a series of dialogue sessions. A public session is scheduled for Wednesday, May 16 at 6 p.m. at the Civic Center. "Feedback received from the survey and the dialogue sessions will directly influence the development of a strategic plan that aligns with the priorities of the community," Whitehead said.