Cyber bullying is a menace to society. It consists of spreading rumors online or through texts, posting hurtful or threatening messages on social networking sites or web pages and more. For many of these online bullies, the safety of the anonymity of the internet is what makes them feel like what they're doing is okay or, at the very least, cannot be traced back to them. That is not the case, as made evident by the arrest of Dylan Smith of Independence in relation to posts on the website

Freedom of speech does not protect you from the repercussions of your speech, and when that speech includes threats against another person you can be charged with Criminal Threat, a severity level nine person felony. This is the charge being recommended for Smith, 25, who is being held in the Montgomery County Department of Corrections. 

The sheriff's office was made aware of "potentially threatening" remarks made on on two threads announcing the winner of the Queen Neelah LXXVI pageant. The racially charged posts came from the username "Revolution Calling," who made multiple threats of physical harm and accompanied the text posts with links to white supremacist propaganda videos.

The Independence forum has been host to Revolution Calling for at least seven years where many of the users knew his true identity as Smith. He posted white supremacist sentiment on various threads on various topics, but the posts in relation to Queen Neelah LXXVI made specific threats of violence against a specific person. 

"After a fast-paced but thorough investigation, detectives arrested Dylan Alexander Smith in connection with the posts," said Sheriff Bobby Dierks. "We will investigate all credible threats, including those made online. These threats are taken seriously and supposed online anonymity will not protect you from being identified by law enforcement." 

Dierks went on to say the Montgomery County sheriff's office would like to thank members of the community who came forward with information that helped lead to Smith's identification and eventual arrest. 

According to Dierks, they were pointed in the direction of Smith by others in the community who knew or suspected who Revolution Calling was. They then obtained a search warrant for and a search warrant for Smith's computer. 

"He confessed to making the posts, and he's expected to go before the judge Friday for a bond amount to be set," Dierks said. The related posts on have been removed. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.