Big winnings were claimed from an area establishment this week. A customer won a $1,000 prize during Cantrell's Fine Jewelry promotional contest. The store mails out numbers on postcards to customers. Once the postcard is received, customers come into the store and compare their number to three display cases. Inside each display case is a potential prize, if the lotteries match. 

Inside the Coffeyville location sat a watch in the first case, a stackable ring in the second, and a $1,000 in-store gift certificate in the third. 

Tuesday the certificate was claimed, but all the prizes in the Independence location remain, and Cantrell's doesn't plan on keeping the case empty. "We'll slip a little something in the box," they said on their Facebook page.

"We thought this would be fun and hopefully someone would win," said Sonya Cantrell. As for the ongoing contest, "We still have all the prizes in Independence, so hopefully someone will win in that store also."

Those who haven't received a card by mail but wish to participate can pick up a card in the store at 208 N. Penn Ave. The numbers in front of the case will change every Monday in December. What's the hurt of trying in a season where the list of people to get gifts for seems to keep on getting longer?