Recognizing homeowners in Independence who have invested in beautifying their home, the Investing in Indy program presented the award to their third homeowner in two months. The program is sponsored by the Independence Chamber of Commerce PRIDE Committee. May's recipient is homeowners Laura and Robert Stanley, who purchased the Hoover Rd. home in 2015.

The house the Stanley's purchased was built by Laura's great-grandfather, Harry Hoover, who built a few other homes in the Hoover Rd. area, which may be the reason the road is so named. 

Lisa Wilson, PRIDE committee member was told by Laura the house sat empty since the early 1970s and neighbors even tried to get the house condemned as it was quite the eyesore. Following the purchase of the home, Laura hired local contractor Sam Weinberg, of 1st Choice Construction, who took the house down to the studs and completely remodeled it. "Laura said windows were relocated and two porches were added to the house," Wilson said.

The purchase and remodel were all done while Laura, who is a Lt. Col. in the United States Army, was deployed to Afghanistan. Laura is originally from Cherryvale and travels home from Washington DC every Neewollah. The couple also own the home at 2801 N. Penn Ave., which is the home Laura's grandparents lived in later in life, and remodeled it as well. 

Laura said her grandmother always wanted a red door so upon completion of the project, Laura painted the door red just for her grandmother. 

The award was presented to Sam Weinberg as Laura was in the hospital in Washington DC having delivered a child. She was very excited to learn of the recognition bestowed upon her and as she was so pleased with Weinberg's work Laura felt it fitting he represent her and Robert.