Attending their first Police Chief Advisory Committee meeting Wednesday were the newest members who were introduced to current members and updated on department business.

IPD Chief Jerry Harrison said members learned that in upcoming meetings committee members will meet officers and dispatchers. "They will undergo the same anti-racism training the department uses," he noted. "Fair Impartial Policing (FIP) is the program IPD uses to prevent bias in policing." The advisory committee will undergo annual FIP training in April.

Committee members for 2019 are: Megan Robbins, Judy Houston, Teresa McVey, Kris Weck, Wendy Derrick, Charles Barker, Sharla Mangan, Truman Kolb, Bill Gour, England Porter, Jeri Hammerschmidt, Joshua Othniel, Sean Clapp and Todd Young.

Harrison noted as the committee enters its third year there are beginning to be a small number of former members accustomed to directly contacting him. “Not everyone is comfortable calling the police chief,” Harrison said, “But, if you are acquainted with a current or former committee member and have concerns or information you would like relayed to me please let them know and they will tell me.”

Meeting monthly, the Police Chief Advisory Committee discusses citizen concerns, department information and get to know police department staff. Harrison expressed his gratitude to those expressing an interest in becoming involved, explaining members are selected to provide the "broadest, most diverse group possible from those who applied."

Harrison thanked former members for their 2018 service.