It was an evening of approving work comp insurance and the 2018-2019 strategic plan for the Independence Community College board of trustees meeting Thursday.

Following approval of the agenda and minutes of the June 14 meeting, the board heard from Wendy Isle, chief business officer, who went over Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust (KMIT), a self-funded Workers’ Compensation Insurance group, which by joining, ICC will be able to participate in Workers’ Insurance consortium. 

KMIT has 161 members which include 160 Kansas cities and League of KS Municipalities, and a net worth of $6,045,463. They are governed by a board of trustees of 11 elected and appointed municipal officials with Don Osenbaugh as pool administrator. 

Isle explained to the board how KMIT approached the college about joining their group. “They represent the municipalities in Kansas and it’s not an open invitation, they approach you and invite you in based on what your premiums have been like in the past, how much how much you’ve used your worker’s compensation and if you are a good candidate for the program,” she said. “You pay your premiums in, they handle all the claims, all the processing for the municipalities. It is a significant savings opportunity for the college to go through them for our worker’s compensation insurance.”

Isle said the college has been using Hartford Insurance Group. “They raised our premium to $39,000. That is what they have proposed for 2018-2019,” she stated. “KMIT has set our premium at $31,500 if we would join their consortium.”

Board member Terry Clark asked about worker’s compensation history which Isle explained the good claim history was one of the reasons ICC was approached by KMIT. After discussion, the board approved to join KMIT.

Ron Osborne then made comments to the board regarding the 2018-2019 Strategic Plan followed by ICC president Dan Barwick giving a presentation on the plan. “As the board knows we do a quarterly review of operational plan goals tied to strategic goals,” Barwick said. “The primary purpose, of course, of quarterly reviews of operational plans is so the divisions themselves can look at how they are doing.”

He spoke of the annual survey of the mission and vision statement of all employees and an annual review of the Strategic Plan results.  

  • On a quarterly basis, operational divisions review their progress against their Operational Plan goals, each of which is tied to the plan
  • An annual survey is conducted of employees to determine their opinions of the ongoing suitability of the current mission and vision statements
  • On an annual basis, administration produces a report for board review which provides data on the college’s progress in the five areas of measure named in the plan, as well as year-end summaries of the progress divisions made toward their goals
  • On an annual basis, following the review described in number 3, the board of trustees makes any needed adjustments to the plan, using data presented in the review and feedback from employees

Board member Cindy Sherwood shared concerns about some of the wording in the plan in regard to adding a longer public comment period after the plan is approved. “Why would we want public comment after it is approved?” she asked. “Don’t we want it before it’s approved?” Barwick told the board they could do it either way and it could be approved any time. 

Following more discussion, the board approved the plan as it was written.

Consent agenda items approved included:

  • GetInclusive Inc. contract
  • IMA annual Property and Liability Insurance payment
  • Ellucian annual Maintenance Agreement payment