City Manager Craig Whitehead announced Friday the city finance director had resigned. The City of Independence released the statement regarding Mike Borovetz's resignation Friday morning. The resignation is effective Nov. 30, however Borovetz will remain on staff to complete current projects and assist in the transition period, according to Whitehead.

"Mike brought an excellent skill-set to the City of Independence and has made significant contributions during his time with us," Whitehead said. "I appreciate the work he has done here and his willingness to assist us through the search for a new director."

Borovetz accepted the position of City Clerk for Independence in the Spring of 2017.

"I've had a fantastic experience getting to know the excellent staff who work at the city, and serving the city departments and the community has been rewarding," said Borovetz. "Not everyone can see the behind-the-scenes work, but we have truly made some significant positive improvements, and there are still some projects on the plate to complete before I leave."

Commissioner Gary Hogsett wished Borovetz well and expressed his gratitude. “I’m very grateful for all Mike’s efforts. He inherited a very difficult situation, an extremely unfavorable audit for the year that took place before he started work at the city. He worked hard to remedy all the accounting deficiencies and redo all the 2016 accounting, while also keeping up with the endless day to day duties of the position. I certainly wish him great success in his future endeavors.”

According to Whitehead, the city has begun the recruitment process for a new finance director. The process is expected to take three to four months. For information regarding the position, visit the city's website,