The Cherryvale City Council gathered Monday evening for their regular meeting with Commissioner Don King absent. Following a motion to receive and file minutes from the Community Center Advisory and Cherryvale Library boards which was approved, the council went into a 20 minute executive session with no action taken.

New council business included City Administrator Brooke Carroll presenting a plan to set a public hearing for the 2019 budget. "In your packets you will see a notice of budget hearing and you received your packets last week," said Carroll. "If we don't have any changes to the budget then I would like to have somebody make a motion to adopt this budget and set a public hearing date."

Carroll noted the date on the budget hearing stated July 16 as the public hearing date. "But Andy (Taylor) just told me that the paper has already printed for Thursday and we wont be able to get it in Thursday's paper so we will probably need to set Aug. 6 as the hearing date," she stated. Council approved setting the date for the public hearing for Aug. 6 at 7 p.m. at the Cherryvale City Council chambers.

The Consent agenda was presented by Mayor John Wright with the council approving included items which were, Appropriations and Payroll Ord. No. 18-06-29 in the amount of $108,155.99, and the approval of minutes of the June 18 regular meeting. Wright inquired about the increase for Public Wholesale Water which was listed at $25,412 to which Karen Davis, city clerk explained, "We went over our minimum this time. We actually used more than the minimum and they didn't want to give us credit for all the times we paid more."

Next up was department head reports beginning with Davis who began by stating they had several meetings this month with work sessions and council meetings. "I attended a Region 8 meeting in Parsons and we toured the railroad museum," she stated. "It was really a neat little museum that they have done a lot of work on and are moving more stuff in all the time." The tour was followed by lunch and a program by the Kansas Historical Society. "We haven't had a Region 8 meeting like that in several years," Davis noted. She also noted there would be only one court date for the month of July.

Wade Webber, Public Works director, gave his report next. "In the last two months, I sent two guys to school on water issues and they learned the latest and greatest stuff," he began. "It was all free training KRWA so it worked out well. Two of them were Independence and two of them were in Iola. It's a definite benefit for free training." He told the council his crew has been doing a lot of mowing and they encourage citizens not to blow their scraps in the street and to really watch the fireworks.

"They are shooting off fireworks and leaving the debris in the streets and the next morning the street is completely covered with all the debris and we just ask they pick it up," Webber said. "They can be cited for throwing their stuff in the street but we would rather not go to that level. If we could encourage people to pick their disposed fireworks up, it would help us all."

Cherryvale Police Chief Jimmy Holt gave the police department report. "A couple of exciting things we did get the Enbridge Energy grant – we got $1,000 from them," Holt said. The grant will be used to purchase a new computer for the department. "We got Brian Shelton back from the Part-Time Academy," Holt said with a smile. "He is moving forward and has already been out on the street making himself visible. I'm excited to have him as part of the department." Holt said it has been a busy month for the police department and they covered quite a few bigger cases.

Carroll asked to speak and stated, "I had a conversation with the county attorney, Larry Markle, and  he said 'How many problems did I have a long time ago in Cherryvale?' And I said I didn't know, maybe lots. He asked, 'How many do we have today?' And I said I didn't know, that was why I was calling. He said, 'Zero.' So they have zero issues at the county attorney's office. I'd like to thank Jimmy and our police staff because they are the ones keeping up and doing what needs to be done. I'm proud of them."

The mayor congratulated Holt on the efficiency of the police department.

Fire Chief Jesse Reed then presented his report on the fire department. "You will see by the numbers this is the first month this year that we have actually been a little bit calm which is a little bit of a relief," he said. "It has been fairly busy and I think we are quite a bit ahead of our normal run numbers." 

He noted there is currently an opening for a firefighter/paramedic they are leaving open until filled. 

Carroll gave an overview of the office of the City Administrator. "This has been a busy month for me for travel," she said. She visited Atchison for a Budget Policy Writing committee, and she was invited to be a part of the Tyson Tour Leadership Team who visited Springdale, Ark. "I got to travel to Arkansas last week and tour all of the Tyson facilities," said Carroll. "I was able to kind of understand everything that goes on there, understand their culture, talk to people that live there, smelled everything along the way. That is one of the major issues with Tyson but let's just say, they have some really amazing technology, amazing work ethic."

She said she met with some of the employees who had been there for many years. "I feel that Tyson is very alive, it's not a dead topic for our county," Carroll stated. "I enjoyed it and I got to meet the people there, I got to tour the hatchery and the Science Engineering department. I believe what they are wanting to do here in our county is do a feed mill, a hatchery and a processing plant, and I got to tour all of those things and some other corporate items."

She stressed there was no foul smells around any of the facilities. "I didn't smell anything so if everybody is worried about smell, I stood outside the grow barns and we smelled and we smelled and the only thing you can smell is something that smelled like wheat or some sort of feed mill," Carroll noted. 

She traveled to Lawrence for the CPM Collaboration Conference as well.

The next regular city council meeting will be July 16 at 7 p.m.