Trick or Treating is a big time for some children and keeping them safe is a priority. The Independence Chamber of Commerce will again host Trunk - Or - Treat Wednesday, Oct. 31 and they are currently seeking participants to host a trunk. 
Three blocks of Penn Avenue will be block off from the 100 block to the 300 block, Lisa Wilson, president of the Independence Chamber of Commerce said. "What we are needing right now is we need trunks," she said. "We need organizations, businesses, friends to go together, churches  all to support Trunk - Or - Treat. It was a huge, huge success last year. We had more than 1,000 kids easily."
Wilson said it is going to continue to grow and the Chamber is working to get the word out so the Chamber can receive the support it needs to continue the success of the event. "We will be sending out an email flash, putting it on Facebook, making people aware that we need them to sign up to have a trunk," she stated. "We want to make sure the kiddos have enough activities and candy."
When you host a trunk at the event, you supply all the candy. "We ask them to have about 1,000 pieces of candy available," Wilson noted. "All they have to do on the evening of the event is back into their spot. We have it all blocked off down there and the spots will be assigned. Once they park, they pop the trunk and set up all of their trunk decor. At a certain time, we will open the barricaded areas at the north and south end of Penn Ave."
There is no pathway the trick-or-treaters follow, they mix and mingle and walk around at their leisure. Wilson said the Chamber does encourage participants to decorate their trunk and put on their best Halloween costume as that makes it more fun for the children. "I would say almost all of the participants last year were decorated with some kind of theme," she said. "The people manning the trunks were dressed up in costume, some very simple and some very elaborate. It really doesn't matter, it just makes it more fun for the kids."
Wilson said Independence EMS and fire department, and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office will be in attendance at Trunk - Or - Treat. Eighty spots are available for participants of the event and Wilson said the only cost incurred is the cost of the candy and the cost of decorating. "There is no fee to participate," she said. "It's just a great way for kids to have a safe Halloween experience."
Wilson understands some folks are upset because they don't have as many trick-or-treaters come to their houses. "We are doing what is best for the kids and what is best for young families," Wilson explained. "Many times when Halloween falls on a weekday, these kids need to get home from school, they need to eat dinner, they need to get their homework done and then they have to put on their costumes and go trick-or-treating. What people need to remember is, many times because of parents work schedules sometimes they don't get home until 6 p.m. and it is a push to get the kids dressed and out the door, to trick-or-treat and for them to feel like they got a good experience before it's time to go home and go to bed."
She added many times folks don't know all their neighbors or if it is safe to let the kids go trick-or-treating by themselves. "Sometimes you are limited on your transportation. Sometimes you are limited on gas money and you don't have that opportunity to just drive all over town," she stated. "This allows parents to put their kids in the car, come downtown, park their car, get out, walk in a safe area where you don't have to watch for cars, just be downtown and other kids can see their friends dressed up in their costumes. Really just have a fun community experience. That is why we designed this, not to take away from the home-to-home experiences."
Wilson said the Chamber encourages those who felt like they didn't have a lot of trick-or-treaters last year to load up their candy and come downtown. "Join the fun and be a part of Trunk - Or - Treat," Wilson concluded.
Several downtown restaurants are having dinner specials during the evening as well from 5 to 8 p.m. The Chamber is taking candy donations for the event as well. Those interested in hosting a trunk for Trunk - Or - Treat, or to donate candy, contact the Chamber by Oct. 12, 620-331-1890 or}