It's been a good couple of years for Joanna Delano and Madison Simmons, co-owners of Indy Nutrition, formerly known as Blend It Nutrition in April of 2017. The co-owners began their business in downtown Independence at 224 N. Penn Ave. but moved to 323 E. Main St. in April of this year. Delano said they have been busy since and decided to become a member of the Independence Chamber of Commerce — Friday was the official ribbon cutting to signify Indy Nutrition as a new Chamber member.

Lisa Wilson, Chamber president, welcomed Delano and Simmons as new members to the Chamber and presented them with a membership plaque to display proudly in their business. "I just want to say how much we appreciate their investment in our community. They were a vital part of downtown, I got hooked on their products and I know many of you visit them frequently," Wilson said. "It was nice to have you downtown and we really miss you down there but we know this, just from conversations I've had with [Delano], has been a very wise business move and your business has grown." 

Wilson introduced the board members and Chamber ambassadors present to Delano and Simmons telling them those members like to show how much they appreciate Indy Nutrition's investment in the community and in the Chamber. "Also, we are supposed to try out your great products so we can go out and when somebody sees it on Facebook and they are like, 'Indy Nutrition, what's that?', they can tell your story," she noted. 

Wilson invited Delano to tell the audience of the products available at Indy Nutrition. "Herbalife started in 1980 — Mark Hughes — who has a fascinating story," began Delano. "His mother died from complications to the heart after yo-yo dieting so he set out on a purpose to get a healthy product that people can consume daily." She noted that is where the meal replacement shakes and energy teas come from. 

She explained the teas give you energy through a burst of vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, all the B vitamins and more. "Hughes wanted to have a healthy product instead of something that had a bunch of fillers and stuff like that," Delano said. 

Delano said everyone is welcome to try the product and see which one they like. "They want us to have a relationship with you. That is why no drive through, I get asked that all the time," she stated. "They want us to have a relationship with you so that I'm not giving you a big burst of caffeine that you don't need. They want us to make sure I am kind of vetting all my customers."

Delano said she is an Independence native, graduating from Independence High School. "My mother owned a cleaners for years here," she said. She is also a nurse which is what started her Herbalife journey. "I have Lupus and about six or seven years ago I had been in and out of the hospital, they were wanting to put me on disability, I had another GI bleed from medicine — I was on about 15 prescriptions — and a friend introduced me to shakes." She mentioned how she could actually keep the shakes down and they didn't bother her stomach, but most importantly she is off most of her medications. "I saw an opportunity for my nursing and this to coincide," Delano said. "I want to spread the knowledge of food to people."

"And offer something different to this area," added Simmons. "It's hard to eat healthy here and that is why we do what we do."