First Friday for the month of October took place Friday morning in the Civic Center. The Chamber of Commerce event was sponsored by 2B Smokin’ BBQ food truck. The owners, Barb and Barry Beurskens, gave a brief history of their venture, recalling an anecdote of entering a barbecue competition of 65 teams and placing 64th. “We had a lot to learn, and we worked and worked at it, and the next year…took first place,” said Barry Beurskens. The Beurskens took first in the pulled pork division at a Lenexa based competition that hosted 175 teams. The Beurskens decided eight years ago they needed to replenish the funds they were putting into competing and opened a food truck. The Beurskens thanked and introduced their team. The 2B Smokin’ BBQ food truck will be making their usual rounds this Neewollah with their coveted dish, sweet potato crunch. Chamber of Commerce President Lisa Wilson reminded the onlookers that the city co-sponsors the event, allowing First Friday goers access to the Civic Center every month. “It’s a community building, its a great place for us to come as community citizens, sit in chairs at tables and listen to great speakers and get really good information each month,” Wilson said. Erin Bunn from the Kansas Childrens’ Service League (KCSL), an organization celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, gave a brief overview of the counties and areas KCSL oversees. Healthy Families is a home visiting program designed to help parents overburdened with factors such as poverty, single parenthood or lack of parenting skills. The program works to reduce the risk of child maltreatment in the home. “We are very successful at this,” Bunn said. The home visitors in the Healthy Families visit the families once a week to help them build the tools they need to be successful. Bunn introduced Keila Morales, who received an award for going above and beyond as a great home visitor, and stressed the families do not become dependent on Morales, but grow stronger from her help. Lori Rexwinkle, the new CEO of Coffeyville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) presented a powerpoint over the different health care options offered at CRMC. Rexwinkle was appointed as CEO in May. CRMC is the only hospital in Montgomery County and serves over 45,000 people annually, with 24/7 ER access. CRMC will be installing a new fluoroscopy and 3D mammography machine, and offers oncology, OB/GYN, orthopedic and pediatric, among other, services. “We have 54 medical providers representing 21 medical specialties and that’s quite a bit for a small rural hospital, and we’re very proud of that,” Rexwinkle said. Generalissimo Keith Confer and Generalissimo-elect Anne Bertie were present to display the new merchandise to be available Saturday morning in the Neewollah Headquarters. The headquarters will offer a full family line, including baby clothes, button ups, long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirts, puppy bandanas and a new homeware line that includes Elk Falls pottery pieces, color changing stadium cups, two exclusive Magnolia Scents by Design candles and kitchen utensils. Confer explained the 100 Year Jubilee theme for Neewollah this year, telling the story of how in 1958, after years of a dwindling Neewollah, was brought back in full swing. “The 1958 version of Neewollah is pretty much what we do today,” Confer said. Making this the diamond 60 year anniversary of 1958, although Neewollah was created in 1919. “If Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth can do it, so can we!” Confer said to laughter and applause. Dean Hayse and Tim White presented pieces of the Strategic Planning Action Committee (SPAC) that was presented at the Sept. 17 Special City Commission meeting and covered in the Daily Reporter. “This plan is a conclusion to a many month process, its an important process that has been developed,” said Hayse. “But we want to remember that strategy without execution is worthless, and this strategic plan without execution is worthless.” Wilson previewed the November First Friday, which promises great speakers, and the December Shop Local presentation for the upcoming holidays.