A Walk For the Children march took place Saturday with more than 35 signed up to bring awareness to the need for Washington DC to stop jailing immigrant families. "This is a nationwide event taking place in cities across the nation Saturday who are marching together to keep immigrant families together. The real message is this is not who we are as a country and as Americans we do not support pulling families apart at the southern border in the name of keeping our borders safe," said Rev. Brandee Jasmine Mimitzraiem, Quinn Chapel AME Church. 

The march was organized by the Montgomery County Coalition for Human Dignity, Ashley Dixon and England Porter with Quinn Chapel AME Church partnering with them. 

In a statement by the coalition it states, immigrant detention is not only in the border states of Texas and Arizona. The state of Kansas and local cities across Kansas continue to collaborate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), separating mothers and fathers from their children everyday. They add, asylum seekers often risk criminal charges of treason, torture or death when forced to return to their homeland. 

"We are asking the public to contact their representative in Washington DC. There needs to be a public outcry to stop this action of separating immigrant families. Congress can put the pressure where it needs to be. Use social media, send letters, a phone call, to send the message this in not who we are and this in not what America stands for," said Mimitzraiem. "If enough of us send this message it will be heard." 

Mimitzraiem stated, there are more than 2,000 children who are currently separated from their parents spread out across the country in centers. "There are 50 such children in Topeka and all over the country. They are being shipped across the nation and separated by thousands of miles from their families." she said. 

"There are 2,000 children who will have a memory of what happened to them when they came to the United States of America and what we did to them. That is a story they will tell and it will impact on the world and the future image of America," said Mimitzraiem. 

"All children are our future and since we are the greatest country in the world I think we need to behave like it," Mimitzraiem concluded.