The Field Kindley Lady 'Nado put it together on both sides of the floor and in every facet of the game for possibly the first time this season on Thursday night.
They especially got things going offensively when they took down Frontenac on their home floor 70-57.
"We put our best game together of the year," head coach Nick Hart said. "It wasn't perfect, we still have things to work on, but scoring 70 points and 44 or 46 at halftime, we just got it going offensively."
In the first quarter of the game on Thursday night the Lady 'Nado got seven points from Andre'a Newton and 14 points from Bri Rutherford.
In the second quarter they got 10 points from Bailey Naden. They got another five points from Emma Herkelman in the first half.
This was as balanced of a game the Lady 'Nado had offensively, but in addition to that, they still got the production from players they are accustomed to getting points from.
Newton finished the game with 17 points. Rutherford had 23. And they did almost all of this from the floor, as they shot just 18 free throws in the game.
"We were getting rebounds and kicking it ahead and getting lay-ups and then we were hitting threes and Andre'a was getting post-ups and Emma was scoring down low," Hart said. "It was just a little bit of everything to be honest."
Naden and Herkelman would each finish the night with 13 points, both season highs for each girl.
This win gives the Lady 'Nado a 3-2 record on the season heading into the break. And make no mistake, this was exactly how they wanted to head into the break, if not with a couple more wins.
"This is the team I thought we had all along, we just hadn't put it together," Hart said. "We're going to be good going forward, we just have to keep it up and work on some little things."
The Lady 'Nado has now won games over Central Heights, Osage City and Frontenac.
They lost games to Spring Hill and Pittsburg.
Heading into the break the Lady 'Nado is happy, but they know they still have some things to work on before they get back to action when they take on Independence to open up the season after the break on January 5.
"A lot of shooting, just fundamentals," Hart said. "Boxing out, rebounding, making good passes, handling the ball, defensive rotations.
"I think the big thing tonight is stopping the dribble-drive penetration, we didn't do a good job of when they put the ball on the floor they got to the middle of the paint too easy."