St. John Clinic is “exploring opportunities” to open a convenient care clinic, which will offer “expanded hours and open access,” according to Joy McGill with St. John Health System’s media relations department. On Thursday, McGill noted that there were currently no specific details as of yet, but “hopefully it will at least give the community” a basic answer for other possible services coming in the city of Independence’s future. In its initial proposal that was made public during Independence city commission meetings, possible future “advanced urgent care” photos were offered, as well as the option to “build on land with a helipad,” according to notes from the St. John Health System packet. In gathering data on Independence and the surrounding area, the initial proposal noted that it submitted a “due diligence review” that included looking for possible options for retaining Emergency Room services; these were based upon emergency severity index, the acuity level of emergency room visits (ER visits from December 2014 to August 2015, 96.4 percent of the ER visits were non-life threatening and 3.6 percent were considered level I or II, and these would be transferred even with the ER open). The initial proposal indicated that in its recommendations for health care, an advanced urgent care service, staffed with a licensed physician or an advanced practice provider, registered nurse, would have the potential hours of Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The advanced urgent care could take care of patients suffering from mild cases of allergies, pain, broken bones, insect bites, school/sports physicals, sore throat, infections, sprains, fever, and other ailments, but would not be considered a level III trauma center. Additional information provided to the city com- missioners included that the urgent care would be capable of taking care of “fracture care, intravenous fluids therapy, repetitive dose aerosol breathing treatment, advanced diagnostics including limited computed tomography (CT) scans for evaluation of head injuries, kidney stones, and abdominal pain. Other recommendations included a retail clinic/ cash clinic for minor illnesses, a moderate urgent care that offered testing for illnesses, or an acute care hospital that would assist with all levels of illness and injury, including major trauma. But St. John’s proposal leaned heavily toward the advanced urgent care, a subject that has yet to be approached with definitive information - such as an actual cost estimate and date of operation. According to city data, Independence paid property taxes on the rental space when the city owned the gas company building so the city may pay additional taxes on the medical property. St. John’s media relations, due to the holiday, could not be reached, but offered to provide further information once details are confirmed by their representatives.