Wednesday afternoon, the second grade classes of Mrs. Jennie Hayward and Mrs. Melissa James took a "virtual" field trip to a Kansas pig farm from the classroom. Eight other schools joined the virtual field trip to witness Kim Hanke from the Kansas Pork Association guide the children through an actual pig farm. 

With live webcam video from the pig farm students were able to listen and talk to the pig farmers about their operations and how they raise the pigs. 

As the pig farmers took classes on a tour of the farm, they informed the students of what it takes to raise the 250 sows and piglets on only one of their farms. 

The students wanted to know the answer to such questions as how much the pigs eat, how long do pigs live (which, the farmers had a difficult time coming up with an answer that would not concern the students) to how many piglets a sow could have in one litter. 

Each school took turns asking questions and the farmer returned their questions with answers that the students could understand.

It was an eye-opening look for the students into the work involved with a pig farming operation.