Elementary School Students are gathered to celebrate "If I were Principal"
Elementary School Students are gathered to celebrate "If I were Principal"

Eisenhower Elementary students, teachers and faculty surprised the school’s principal and vice principal by dressing up as them for “If I Were A Principal” event, aimed at recognizing him and the efforts he puts in to making education fun.

Principal Brad Carroll was surprised to see that many students and teachers mirrored his wardrobe - khaki pants and a plaid shirt. Some wore ties, others wore white shirts, but the notable outfit is what many teachers consider “his usual uniform.” Vice principal Lisa Paige also participated and took photos of the faculty, students, and the art they made, which was also a learning experience through reading.

He always wears a plaid shirt with khaki pants,” laughed Eisenhower first grade teacher, Amy Bloomfield. “We surprised him in the gymnasium. He thought he was going to be reading to my class, but we met at the gym. He read us the book, ‘The Principal’s New Clothes’ (by Stephanie Calmenson). The kids loved it, and loved dressing up like him and Mrs. Paige. I think it made them really happy.”

Students, through this event, learned the duties of a principal and other professions.

Most people think that principals are only there when a kid is in trouble. They don’t realize that there’s so much more to that, and Mr. Carroll is amazing. The students learned how he helps other kids every day. He makes sure they have clothes, food, and shelter. He helped a family find a temporary home until they got back on their feet,” Bloomfield said. “His motto is ‘Family First,’ and with him, he makes Eisenhower a family. The kids see that and I think they realize how important Mr. Carroll’s role is. The kids had a blast - they really liked trying to keep it such a secret from him. We had good talks about what principals do for their schools, on jobs and communication. I think it’s good, especially at this age, to explain to kids what makes communication so important. Mr. Carroll makes them feel safe and happy while they’re at school, and that is a wonderful thing to know. School environment should be that way for all kids.”