Dianna "Dee" Carter officially took the position of Montgomery County appraiser in Feb. 2018 and along with an overhaul of the appraising system that's been used in the county, she will be writing a weekly column for the Reporter to be featured Tuesdays. 

Carter is from McPherson and worked for the appraiser's office there for a total of 23 years. She holds a Registered Mass Appraiser designation from the state and worked for the State of Kansas Property Valuation Division when she was first appointed as acting county appraiser for Montgomery County. She comes with 32 years total of experience in appraising.

"I started working for McPherson County during reappraisal in 1986," Carter said of how she got into the field of appraising. "I got in on the ground floor of that huge task. I was fortunate to be able to work in every facet of the appraisal field; residential, commercial, ownership and transfer, mapping, personal property, and of course as county appraiser."

This will not be her first go at writing a column for the newspaper. "I had a column in Marion County and it was well-received," she explained. "Keeping people informed and knowledgeable is always a good relationship builder. The more we all know about tax appraisal, the better."

Carter's job in Montgomery County is to determine the fair market value of all assessable properties in the county, including real estate and improvements, personal property and oil or gas leases. The Appraiser's Office appraises and estimate of value for property. Her plan for Montgomery County is to start fresh with the value appraisals. At one point she likened the issue facing Montgomery County to a road that needs to be stripped down to its bedrock and totally replaced.

"It's the same with property values, if you don't start over at some time the county becomes lopsided and you're picking values from things that are not necessarily market value," she had said.

Her perspective on taxes are that most people don't mind paying them, they just want to know they are being treated fairly. "Fair and equitable is our goal as well," she said. A common question she gets asked is "why did my value go up when I did nothing?" Carter said the short answer is that market conditions can change and increase or decrease values regardless of changes to the property, but she plans to address that matter more fully in one of her columns. 

"I do want to express how grateful I am for the warm welcome I have received in Montgomery County," she said. 

To submit questions to Carter for her to address during her weekly Tuesday column, email them to appraisingmgco@gmail.com.