Given the recent events regarding the latest Windows 10 update, many consumers are no doubt up in arms over issues they’re having with some of their de- vices after the update. Some have filed lawsuits against Microsoft, demanding compensation for essentially causing their system to crash and making it unusable. Let’s Put This Into Perspective While Windows 10 certainly has its share of problems these days, I have to say that in my many years in the IT Industry, I’ve seen this all before, especially when Windows 7 was first released which faced similar problems. And as unfortunate as it is, there will always be problems when a new version is released that will have to be ironed out. And since we have been more or less forced into using Windows 10, we have to face the fact that we no longer have the option to go back, and will simply have to accept the reality that Windows 10 is here to stay. As unstable as it may be now, we’ll just have to bide our time until Microsoft addresses these problems, which hopefully over time will make Windows 10 as dependable as Windows 7 turned out to be. What Other Choice Do We Have? If you haven’t made a decision on what computer to buy yet, and you definitely want to stay away from Windows 10 altogether, then I’d like to offer you some alternatives that you can look into which may offer better choices. Chrome Book If all that you are looking for is a simple easy to use alternative to Windows to do simple tasks like sending emails, browsing the Web or Facebook, then a Chromebook is something you might enjoy using. Chomebooks, which run on the Chrome OS operating system, use an easy to use interface which for many is far less complicated than Windows. Macbook or iMac While Apple products like the Macbook or iMac are a bit too expensive for most, I do have to say that in comparison to Windows, Macs are far less complicated to use and have a better user interface making it easier to navigate. And regardless of their price, you do have to consider that they make an excellent quality product with great support that many Mac users find appealing. Buy A Refurbished If you still prefer using a Windows computer but are looking to find one that is still using Windows 7, then you can look at several refurbished Windows computers that have been repaired and re-certified by the manufacturer, and then sold for less at websites such as Newegg or Amazon with many to choose from that are still just as reliable as a new one. The upside is that since Windows 7 is still supported with security updates until 2020, you can still get several more years of use out of Windows 7 without having to make a big investment. Keep Using What You Have If you’re lucky enough to still be using a Windows 7 computer, then my best advice to you is that as long as it is still doing its job, keep using it and keep it updated and use anti-malware software to keep it free from attacks. By doing so, you should be able to get a few more years of use out of it before you have to make a decision to either go with Windows 10 or switch to some other alternative. [IDR’s Tech Columnist, Kenneth Herring, is an Independence native with years of experience in various technologies. He served in the technology industry for more than 27 years, having active experience as an IT instructor and computer systems engineer. Have a question for Ken about your computer? Email him at]