Jim Correll
ICC Fab Lab Director
Jim Correll ICC Fab Lab Director
First, I’ll share the timesensitive information. Fab Lab ICC is co-sponsoring an idea contest. We have our own pool of prize money; $500, 1st place; $300, 2nd place and $200, 3rd place. The premise is simple. Individuals or teams come up with a problem-solving idea; submit it to a web site, let people within the Fab Lab ICC network provide feedback and encouragement for five days, submit the final iteration of the idea and await the announcement of the winners. The web site says contestants should be students of ICC, but we have arranged for anyone associated with Fab Lab ICC in any way to be eligible to enter. We also need people in our network to register as advisors. Anyone willing to look at and comment on new ideas can be an advisor. Here’s the kicker. The contest begins on Friday, Dec. 9 so contestants and advisors have to register by midnight tomorrow, December 8 by going to www.StartupGenius.org/InnovationChallenge. Over the following five days, the site will queue the contestants to submit and tweak the ideas while receiving feedback from the advisors. By 10 p.m. on Tuesday, December 13, final versions of the ideas will be submitted for judging with winners announced on Wednesday, Dec. 14. Whether you want to submit a problemsolving idea as a contestant, or participate in reviewing a bunch of great ideas, register before midnight tomorrow. Why the hurry-up lack of time to prepare and the short time to iterate and submit the final idea? Because that’s reflective of the global marketplace and entrepreneurial economy in which we now live. StartupGenius.org is part of Start Up Genius, Inc.; a startup itself in the San Francisco Bay area. The business model and site are being developed by CEO and founder, Dan Benveniste as a means to create and entrepreneurial eco-system where entrepreneurs and inventors can submit their ideas and have members of their own network review and comment on those ideas. The concept fits in perfectly with our Fab Lab ICC growth accelerator plans. The site is currently in the beta testing phase and three entities were chosen by Start Up Genius to participate in this contest; Pittsburg State University, Block 22 (an innovation project in the Frontenac-Pittsburg area) and Fab Lab ICC at Independence Community College. Pitsco Education in Pittsburg is also one of the sponsors. We are honored to have been chosen to participate in this exciting beta testing effort. It is a great opportunity for our entrepreneurs and our network to get started collaborating together in a virtual tool specifically designed for collaboration of this type. The greatest opportunities don’t usually present themselves with plenty of time to plan and implement. We tell our entrepreneurs they have to be flexible and agile, always ready for the next opportunity. As a Fab Lab, we have to be flexible and agile too. Register now at www.startupgenius.org/ innovationchallenge. Jim Correll, jcorrell@indycc.edu, 620- 252-5349. Previous columns available at www.jimcorrell.com.